DUCATI and THOK launch the revolutionary TK-01 RR and the new MIG-S

The TK-01 RR and the new MIG-S will be available from early 2021 at the DUCATI stores all over the world and online.





There’s a bike world revolution going on dealing with the coming of e-bikes.
The electric bicycle’s market is growing everyday more, and it gets a lot of attention from other industries, first of all the motorcycle’s ones.

In 2019 DUCATI Motor Holding entered the e-bikes world and chose THOK E-Bikes as its business partner.



The “DUCATI powered by THOK” it’s the new DUCATI e-bike range, marked by the two brands’ common passion for performance and ambitious high-quality projects. It all comes from Domenicali and Suppo’s friendship, together with Migliorini’s knowhow.

“In THOK we’re proud to say that Claudio (Domenicali) chose our factory to enter the e-bike world” says Stefano Migliorini “thanks to the friendship with Livio (Suppo) but also to the common DNA that bring together our factories. THOK and DUCATI share the same passion for racing and innovation, in addition to their Italian being. Perseverance, creativity and hard work run through our veins. This partnership has been the stimulus that pushed us to focus on production and helped us to grow faster”.



DUCATI Style Center and THOK create high-end race-ready e-bike already well known over the world for the innovative geometry, advanced technology, high performances and the Italian design by Aldo Drudi.

Not everyone knows that the connection between the Italian motorcycle brand and the motorized bicycles was born long time ago, years before Domenicali, Suppo and Migliorini.
After the Second World War, DUCATI made the first “bicimotore” ever, a little power unit with a roller transmission, to be applied to the common bikes to satisfy the locomotion needs of people.



Today, after the great success of the first e-bike models (MIG-RR, MIG-S, e-Scrambler), DUCATI powered by THOK presents the new MIG-S with 630Wh semi-integrated battery and the revolutionary TK-01 RR, e-enduro “pronto gara” with 180/170 mm travel, new SHIMANO motor EP8 with 630 Wh integrated battery, mullet wheels and market-leading components.

From “Cucciolo” (the first DUCATI bicimotore) to DUCATI TK-01 RR sixty years have passed: the motorcycle world has never been so close to the bike world as after the coming of e-bikes.



Also due to the ban of riding motos in the woods (there are less and less trails where it’s allowed), there are many intersections between these two sectors: the sense of freedom and the adrenaline; the ability to achieve amazing places; the opportunity to ride long distances without any specific training.

Together DUCATI and THOK create e-bikes of desire for connoisseurs and they proudly export the “made in Italy” around the world.

The TK-01 RR and the new MIG-S will be available from early 2021 at DUCATI stores all over the world or online at www.ebike.ducati.com





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