DUCATI powered by THOK lands in the United States of America

The partnership between DUCATI Motor Holding and THOK E-Bikes was born in 2019, when the brand of Borgo Panigale decided to enter the e-bike world.



United by the same passion for style, performance, innovation and by the Italianness that characterizes our factories, in short time we managed to enter the European market with our e-bikes.
Due to the great interest aroused in the American market, our goal has immediately been delivering not only in Europe but also overseas.






The achievement of this goal required much effort from DUCATI, THOK and the American staff.
All the guys of DNA (DUCATI North America, long time business branch in California) are bikers. They are motivated, enthusiastic and passionate about MTB world. In record time they organized the office in Mountain View to welcome the bicycles.
As professionals and experts in the bike market as in the one of the motoes, they selected 24 among the 150 DUCATI Store available and trained the staff to ensure an effective network.
In parallel to create a dedicated sells and service net, we also had to face the bureaucratic aspects. We focused on bikes compliance with US standards, which include not only different speed limit but also different type-approval standards and parameters.



All these efforts allowed us to enter the new market when the laws that rule the e-mobility were changing.
Until 2020, in the USA electric bicycles were included in the motor-vehicles category and, for this, bound by prohibitions related to traffic on public land.
Last October the Department of Interior finally equalised e-bike to all the other bicycle and allowed the rides on every trail.



Exactly in October, MIG-S and e-Scrambler DUCATI powered by THOK landed in California.
Now in North America it is possible to buy a DUCATI e-bike in one of the 24 selected dealers, also qualified for assistance.
The new TK-01 RR will come on March, so the range will be complete.
The audience, fascinated not only by the Italian style but above all by innovation and technical features, welcomed our products.



The goal for the future is expand the sells network by activating other dealers and increase the diffusion of both our urbane e-bike (e-Scrambler), an eco-sustainable alternative to car use, and our eMTB designed for fun/sporting purposes (MIG-S and TK-01 RR).

We are proud of the work that came from the collaboration Italy/USA, of the commitment of all and to have exported the Made in Italy together with years of work and whole lives of passion for the bike.



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