Winter test-bike on Etna mount (Sicily) riding the MIG 2.0

E-bike and vulcan.



To ensure top performance from our e-bikes, we conduct test rides on various types of terrain.

So, while the THOK bike routine tests do take place on the tracks of Finale Ligure and on the Black Snake of the Val di Sole, we often decide to also try them out on less-known tracks to test different types of technicalities.

At the end of February 2021, we rode our MIG 2.0 on Mount Etna, in Sicily.



The largest active volcano in Europe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was kind to us and let us ride on its 2,000 meters of height difference, just a few days before its eruption in early March.

Riding across the moon-like scenery of lava fields, with their breathtaking views overlooking the sea, was an unforgettable experience, even more so in winter on the snow-clad volcano.



The MIG 2.0 performed well on Etna’s single tracks too.

The bike’s increased rigidity, thanks to our TCG, ensured both excellent traction uphill and riding precision downhill on the lava sand soil.

As usual, the MIG 2.0 displayed excellent maneuverability and reactivity on the most technical sections, thanks to the range’s signature Low Gravity Center.

The SHIMANO E7000 displayed very satisfying low consumption levels.



Our test ride was truly memorable on the MIG 2.0! It was not only comfortable along the trails, but also in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape of black lava fields under the white snow mantle.

The MIG 2.0 shares the colours of Mount Etna, also called Muntagna or Mongibello by the locals, and its very essence.
The red THOK logo on the MIG frame symbolises the bike’s determination, as the lava symbolises the volcano’s power.

Since then, we have all nicknamed it the Mongibello MIG.









Stefano Migliorini and his Size L MIG 2.0. His customised setting:

  • rear shock pressure 210 psi with 6 clicks from full closed
  • fork pressure 110 psi with 3 clicks from full closed
  • front tyre pressure 1.5 bar
  • rear tyre (airliner) 1.8 bar




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