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Bicycles don’t always travel by car in the right way.








Finding a partner to share with objectives and ideas helps to increase confidence in your skills and goals.
Mercedes-Benz is the company that for first believed in us and in our abilities. It decided to support our young brand when it was still unknown, and it helped us to strengthen our image and credibility also in a sector other than bike industry.



Despite coming from different worlds (vehicles and bikes) our two brands share many aspects: technical excellence research, passion for high performance and love for style and innovation; but also, seriousness of purpose, rigor in pursuing objectives and, above all, passion for sport.



Fascinated by e-bikes new world, in these years Mercedes-Benz provided us with vehicles necessary for the movement of staff and equipment, ensuring safety, comfort and large load capacity.
Chemistry with Mercedes-Benz was great even during the many shared projects, first of all “The Quest” when we enjoyed the adaptability of their vehicles to work and family needs of niche sport athletes, who have to travel carrying with big gears.



To go to shows and events we use the Sprinter. Its cargo area can load up to 17 THOK in addition to all exhibition materials (4/5 tents, roll-ups, flags, ...) and mechanical tools (big toolboxes, tripods...).
We often travel also with “Classe V” (the car of our company fleet) transporting a great number of bicycles.



When you have to put your bikes in the car (which has reduced spaces compared to a van) it is essential to load in the correct way in order not to spoil the frames.
In collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, we prepared a tutorial with tips and attentions on how to load correctly your THOK in the car.





Receive the trust of such a solid and majestic historic brand helped us to increase security in what we do, and it contributed to our business growth.
Mercedes-Benz has been, and still is for all of us in THOK, a role model for efficiency and a classy icon from which to learn and to get inspired.



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