News from THOK! The all-mountain range grows: the MIG-R is coming.

Help us to choose the livery and stay updated with a preview of the launch.



In THOK we never stop, and in these days we are working on the new MIG-R, the super-equipped version of the MIG family, which will run alongside the MIG 2.0 and will widen the iconic all-mountain range, our range beloved flagship.

The launch will take place in the next months and all the bikes will be in stock.


Be part of the project!


By voting you will help us to decide the livery and will also be noticed first on the launch news.

Watch carefully the 8 proposed liveries.
At the end you’ll find instructions to vote.


A - Performance Burgundy/Blue


B - Performance Black/Grey


C - Fade Army Brown


D - Performance Black/Lime


E - Performance Black/Red


F - Fade Turquoise


G - Stripe Lime


H - Stripe Red




Let’s vote!

  • - Answer the questions
  • - Flag your favourite colour
  • - Confirm your choice




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