THOK Tribe 2022 – Molveno

E-MTB, Dolomites and passion for THOK.


June 22nd, 2022





“We want each of our e-MTBs to be associated with a name and a face...

...We want to call everyone by name at the Tribe, this is the reason why we sign it on the plate of every participant...

...The Tribe was born out of our need to reach out to our final customers. All of us at THOK were just that up until not long ago, i.e. final customers with a passion for bikes...

...When we started making our e-bikes, meeting our customers was both interesting and a source of pride.

At the Tribe we can meet many of them all at once and share our common passion with them: we ride together, we eat together, we celebrate. All the things you would do with a friend. Spending some dedicated time together (which is the most precious thing we have these days) and bringing together the brand and its users seemed to be the best way to celebrate our bond and to thank them.


Stefano Migliorini – CEO THOK E-Bikes



The Tribe in Molveno will be remembered: about 400 participants; 18 journalists coming from around Europe; 7 rents providing more than 50 THOK; 10 hotels for the welcome of all; 450 welcome kits prepared; more than 100 km of trail signed for the occasion.



The idea of the THOK Tribe was born chatting with one of our first THOKer in a September afternoon sitting in a Rimini café.

We never thought it would become such a source of pride, characterizing factor of our brand.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and the will to be there, without this it would make no sense to organize anything.

Whether THOK is the e-bike of your life or just a passing love, it will be great to ride together for a while.


See you next year THOKers!










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