THOKcare: the revolutionary extended warranty of THOK E-Bikes

THOKcare is the conventional guarantee conceived by THOK for its THOKers.



THOKcare is the conventional guarantee conceived by THOK for its THOKers.

An extra attention for all end customers, which allows you to extend the warranty on all THOKs by 24 months, whether they are newly purchased or used.

Here is, depending on the case, what it includes.


THOKcare purchased in conjunction with a new bicycle

The THOKcare purchased (online or through THOK Point) in conjunction with a new bicycle, is activated immediately at the time of purchase and includes:

  • 24 months warranty extension (in addition to the 2-year legal warranty) on frame and THOK branded components not subject to wear;
  • free shipping of the new THOK purchased at the same time;
  • THOKer Box with dedicated items.


THOKcare purchased separately from the bicycle

The THOKcare purchased (online or through THOK Point) for bicycles with an already expired legal guarantee, is activated either:

  • with online purchase: by entering the frame number at the time of purchase and sending, within 5 days, 4 photos of the THOK (right / left side rear-triangle - right / left side triangle) to;
  • with the purchase through THOK Point: directly from the retailer.

It includes:

  • 24 months warranty on THOK branded frame and components not subject to wear, regardless of the age of the bicycle and the number of previous owners;
  • THOKer Box for free with dedicated items;
  • free THOKer Box shipping.

If THOKcare is purchased for a bicycle with a still valid legal guarantee, the 24-month extension is added to the remaining months of the legal guarantee.


The great revolution of THOKcare is that, being linked to the frame number of the bike, in case of sale, it continues to be valid even after the transfer of ownership for the remaining months until the expiry.

Having the ability to resell the bike still under warranty is an extra help in maintaining its market value.


THOKer Box

The THOKer Box is the gift to which you are entitled with the purchase of the conventional guarantee. It includes items (for a value very close to the total cost of THOKcare) specially designed for THOKers, such as:

  • THOK suspension pump;
  • THOK multitool;
  • dedicated bottle;
  • bottle cage;
  • spare dropout with THOK key ring;
  • lasered aluminum cup;
  • dedicated sticker kit.

The THOKer Box is always sent without shipping costs.


Advatages of the THOKcare

What are the advantages of the THOKcare?

  • extend the warranty of your new THOK by 24 months or reactivate the warranty of your used THOK (the only brand to guarantee the used one!);
  • maintain the value of your investment: if your THOK is covered by THOKcare, regardless of its age, it can still be resold as collateral, preserving its value and limiting its depreciation;
  • receive the THOKer Box: a gift with exclusive items specially created, useful and with a value close to the total cost of the conventional guarantee;
  • you do not pay shipping costs if you decide to purchase it at the same time as a new THOK.


With THOKcare you can pedal serenely for 2 years more. All you have to do is start the engine, fasten your helmet and enjoy your THOK.




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