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What does all-mountain mean and who is an all-mountain e-bike suitable for?

The word all-mountain entails the image and the spirit of MTB, it is the original concept which later led to the various disciplines of mountain biking, such as downhill, enduro and gravel.



An all-mountain e-bike is a full-suspended bike (i.e., both front and rear shock-absorbed) suitable for riders who love to ride on dirt roads and trails, focused on the pleasure of cycling in nature, usually in mountain areas, cycling both uphill and downhill, with no time limits, less focused on competition and more focused on the performance of their bike.

A good all-mountain e-bike requires the following important features: it must be intuitive and suitable for every e-biker, not only the most experienced who can handle all types of geometry; it must have enough open angles to be safe when cycling downhill, but not too much to make the bike unwieldy when cycling uphill; it must have the lowest possible center of gravity to make it stable and safe, but with a sufficient pedal height that allows riders not to hit the obstacles when going through the most uneven paths; it must have a good travel to go on all types of trails (150/140 mm are the reference values of front and rear excursion for a pure all-mountain bike); it must enable riders to set the parameters of its drive unit (the motor) based on the rider’s needs as much as possible, to manage the output and duration of autonomy.
It must be a versatile, fun, and high performing bike, able to offer a balanced performance when going both downhill and uphill in various types of terrain: the right balance that makes it 100% rideable (an “all-mountain” indeed).


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What is the enduro discipline and who should choose an enduro e-bike?

The enduro MTB discipline is relatively new and could be described as a more reckless form of all-mountain.



Enduro riders want to “take on the toughest uphill trails and make the most out of the longest and most demanding downhill tracks”.
Enduro takes place on rough dirt paths with rocks, steep uphill and downhill paths, jumps and all kinds of obstacles.
Enduro e-bikes are made for riders who love adrenaline, speed, competition, heart-stopping rides downhill and the powerful emotions of riding on extreme trails.

First, E-enduro bikes have suspensions with a great travel (170/180 mm) to better absorb the shocks of uneven tracks and often, especially the latest generation bikes, have wheels with differentiated diameter (typical of motorcycles). Normally they feature a 29" front wheel (to overcome obstacles and uneven terrains more easily and to find a driving position that guarantees stability and safety on steep downhill paths) and a 27.5" rear wheel (to ensure traction on all types of terrain and easy on the final part of a curve).



The geometry of the frame must have open angles to support the rider downhill but not too much, otherwise the bike will not be easy to handle uphill. It needs a low standover (distance between the saddle and the ground) to increase the stiffness of the frame and the safety while riding, short rear-stays to optimize traction and agility in the tightest corners and a long top tube with a small handlebar-stem, to ensure the right position on the saddle, especially when going downhill: legs flexed, chest and head down, elbows wide and high.

Great attention must be paid to the braking system (which must be hydraulic with large discs for maximum braking efficiency), the wheels (which must be sufficiently structured to withstand the stress of the rider’s weight) and the tires (which must have a reinforced casing).
The components of an enduro e-MTB must be reliable and robust, able to withstand the stresses that are felt during the most reckless downhill tracks, but also to support the most technical uphill paths. In fact, with e-bikes you can go uphill even on paths that are normally used as downhill paths, which would be impossible with any traditional mountain bike.


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