Find here some of the features that make MIG e-bikes really special:


This is the new way of mountain-biking.

Agile, manoeuvrable, outstanding thanks to their stiffness and to their perfect weight distribution. The MIGs will allow you to go uphill with ease and then get all the fun out of the descents. Geometry and components of the MIG have been put together to enhance the qualities of a Trail/All Mountain bike, combined with the plus of the electric power assistance.

A 150 mm front and 140 mm rear travel, 27.5” Plus wheels and a frame designed to accommodate motor and battery with no compromises in terms of performance, make riding a MIG and MIG-R a truly exciting experience: Performance First!

The MIG-ST, on the other hand, boasts the comfort of a full-suspended e-bike with the smoothness and the ability to overcome the obstacles of the 29" tires.



Low Gravity Center


Lowered Gravity Centre

Thanks to LGC technology, the position of the battery (a 504Wh battery, water-resistant, with a life expectancy of 1000 charge cycles) guarantees a lower centre of gravity on the MIG, optimizing its weight distribution. This ensures stability and brilliant handling when it is time to negotiate obstacles, both down and uphill.


Motor Bracket Connection

Motor bracket connection

Unique handling

Thanks to the optimized connection between down tube, motor bracket and rear triangle, THOK engineers have managed to reach a high rigidity across the central sector of the frame, for outstanding handling and perfect responsiveness in any condition.

Short Chain Stay

Short chain stay

The best performance

Thanks to the very short chain stay (450 mm), to the frame geometry (66° head angle and 73° seat angle), to the weight moved very close to the centre of the bike and to the 27.5” Plus wheels, MIG e-bikes offer great handling and maneuverability in downhill sections together with excellent traction in steep and rough climbs, where this quality combines perfectly with the power and progression offered by the Shimano motor.

Thok Progressive System

Thok progressive system

Overcoming trail obstacles

The TPS rear suspension system (Horst Link four-bar linkage), with metric shock and dedicated rocker has been specifically designed for e-mtbs. The progressive suspension makes obstacles, even the most challenging, much easier and safer to deal with.

Battery Guard

Battery guard

Effective protection

A guard of ABS material, with a closing customized elastic band, effectively protects the Shimano battery against shocks. Easy to remove, and it allows you to rechrge the battery even when it is still on the bike. All the MIGs will be delivered with the black cover, the MIG and MIG-R also include the red one: an easy way to quickly change the look of the bike.



The MIG keeps the water bottle in its traditional position. This makes water bottle access very easy even during the rides without hydration pack.



The MIGs are equipped with a plastic motor protection, to absorb even the hardest strikes.

Shimano Steps E8000

Exclusively designed for e-mtb. This is the smallest and lightest motor on the market, characterized by a very progressive power delivery. Thanks to its compact size, it allows the MIG to boast a very short chain stay and a Q factor (the distance between the outside of one crank arm and the outside of the opposite crank arm) exactly equal to that of a regular mountain-bike crankset, with the same natural feeling. It is compatible with Shimano Di2 shifting system (standard on the MIG Limited Edition range). It also boasts three levels of assistance (Eco, Trail, Boost) and a Power-Walk mode.



Geometrie e misure

MIG and MIG-R geometries

  S M L XL
D - Seat Tube Length - center to Top (mm) 400 435 470 520
A - Top Tube Length, Orizzontal (mm) 560 585 615 650
    Bottom Bracket Height (mm) 342 342 342 342
H - BB Drop (mm) 16 16 16 16
E - ChainStay Length (mm) 450 450 450 450
G - Seat Tube Angle 74,5° 74,5° 74,5° 74,5°
F - Head Tube Angle 66° 66° 66° 66°
K - Head Tube Length (mm) 100 100 130 150
I - Wheel Base (mm) 1157 1183 1214 1251
C - Stack (mm) 596 606 624 642
B - Reach (mm) 405 426 450 479
    Handlebar Width (mm) 780 780 780 780
    Stem Length (mm) 40 40 50 50
    Crank Lenght (mm) 170 170 170 170
M - BB Hight (mm) Tire 27.5x2.8 350 350 350 350
L - Fork Offset (mm) 51 51 51 51

MIG-ST geometries

  S M L XL
D - Seat Tube Length - center to Top (mm) 400 435 470 520
A - Top Tube Length, Orizzontal (mm) 563 588 618 653
    Bottom Bracket Height (mm) 353,5 353,5 353,5 353,5
H - BB Drop (mm) 19,6 19,6 19,6 19,6
E - ChainStay Length (mm) 450 450 450 450
G - Seat Tube Angle 74,6° 74,6° 74,6° 74,6°
F - Head Tube Angle 67° 67° 67° 67°
K - Head Tube Length (mm) 100 100 130 150
I - Wheel Base (mm) 1160 1184 1216 1252
C - Stack (mm) 596 606 624 642
B - Reach (mm) 405 426 450 479
    Handlebar Width (mm) 750 750 750 750
    Stem Length (mm) 50 50 60 60
    Crank Lenght (mm) 165 165 165 165