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"On the paths without noise and the effort is halved"

10 September, 2020

The Italian Moto GP pilot tells about the new e-bike experience on video. Discover hereby the technical changes and tuning we performed to his THOK MIG-R and why the famous motorbiker was seduced by the E-MTB world.

This release contains the story of the recent “conversion” to E-MTB, of one of the most loved motorcyclists by Italian fans and not only: Loris Capirossi.

After twenty-two years spent “full gas” in the motor bikes world championship, and the following ten years having fun with the trial bike in the mountains near home, Loris Capirossi has converted to e-bikes and it was love at first sight. Hence the meeting with THOK, who provided him with a MIG E-MTB.

Like every THOKer, Loris has also customized the settings of its e-bike and today he is one of the most passionate testimonials of the Italian brand.

Capirossi 2

It had already happened with Marco Melandri, who started his new racing career with the E-MTB from the Italian factory; now THOK has also convinced “Capirex”, the youngest rider ever to win a world title: 328 grand prix and a decade spent on motorized two-wheels were not enough to make him immune to the charm of the bicycle.

Capirossi 3

Loris Capirossi riding an e-bike! Are you getting old?

Far from it! Since I stopped racing on the tracks, I had started going out on the trial motorbike. Recently, thanks to Livio Suppo and Stefano Migliorini, I got to know the world of E-Mountain Bikes. And I find it fantastic.

I ride the same paths I road with the trial bike and I can do the same things I did on the motorbike. But it’s an off-road experience in a completely different way.


When it came to motorcycles Capirex was demanding: what do you ask to your E-MTB?

The bike that THOK provided me has allows an incredible ease of riding. The center of gravity is very low and, thanks to the choice of placing the battery under the down tube, its geometries look like a motorcycle.

The 27.5″ tires are something important, they provide enormous support. The front and rear suspensions are of the highest level and adjustable in all their parts.

The braking system also resembles that of a motorcycle: hydraulic system with four-piston pumps and even 200 discs, both on the front and on the rear. I like to go fast but I like to do it safely, I am sensitive to the subject being a Dorna Moto GP safety consultant.

With the MIG by THOK, in terms of performance and safety, I don’t miss anything.


Capirossi 4

So far, the similarities. What about the new experience?

I’m having a lot of fun. The sporting experience is very similar to the one on trial motorbikes, but it changes the way you are surrounded by nature: I don’t make noise; I live the mountains more completely; and I can also ride on those paths that are forbidden to motorbikes.

Of course I have to pedal … I confess that I would not be able to do similar routes if it were not for the help of the assistance: probably, without it, I would not even ride on a mountain bike.

It is precisely the engine that convinced me, it’s the concept of the electric bike: the difficulty is halved and I can venture on spectacular routes.

And honestly, the training I get from it is also more complete.

Capirossi 5

The THOK used by Capirossi is a MIG-R model.

The customizations he has chosen include tubeless tires and Air-Liner in the rear wheel; the seat tube cartridge has been modified in order to adapt the excursion to its height.

The brakes have been inverted, given his habit of motorcycle use, an operation that is very easy to perform thanks to the Shimano system.

The handlebar has been shortened to meet Capirossi’s very advanced position on the saddle and driving style. The suspensions are set with a SAG of 30% on the rear and 25% on the front.

Find out more about the customizations and settings of Capirex MIG-R and Loris experience with his E-MTB in this video.

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