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Why buy THOK?
Our goal is to offer our customers high-quality e-bikes, designed and developed in Italy, at competitive prices. To achieve this, we have adopted a business model that includes:

-Direct customer/producer contact
-Prompt delivery throughout Europe
-Easy assembly
-Assistance anywhere in Europe
-Excellent value for money
-2 years warranty
-No Model year
Before Purchase:
How do I choose the correct size for my e-bike?
To determine the right size for your e-bike, refer to the size chart in the e-bike size section on each product page.
Thok Points, Rental Centers, and Service Centers:
Thok Points, Rental Centers, and Service Centers:
THOK POINTS are dealerships where you can view and purchase THOK bikes, receiving advice on the most suitable choice for your needs. In some cases, test rides may be possible.

THOK POINTS and SERVICE CENTERS allow you to have your online-purchased bike delivered and benefit from free assembly and road preparation services. They also serve as assistance centers for regular (scheduled) and extraordinary (warranty) maintenance, ensuring the best service for THOK customers.

RENTAL CENTERS are rental facilities where you can rent our bicycles to test their qualities. THOK E-Bikes has chosen SHIMANO for its drive units, and all SHIMANO CENTERS are authorized to perform interventions on SHIMANO components of our e-bikes.
Where can I try THOK e-bikes?
You can view and test THOK bikes at our THOK Points. For a complete riding experience, you can visit THOK Rental Centers, authorized establishments for renting our bikes. Find the full list of our locations in the "DEALER LOCATOR" section.

Visit us at various events around Europe and dedicated test days where we always bring different models from the range. Find out where we will be soon, check the Events list.
What assembly operations are required when my bike arrives?
THOK e-bikes arrive almost fully assembled. To ensure protection during transport, some components such as pedals and the handlebar are left disassembled. Some models may also arrive without the front wheel. Following delivery, it will be sufficient to complete the bike assembly following the instructions in the instruction manual. For step-by-step assistance, you can contact us or watch videos directly on our website. Batteries are delivered in "Deep Sleep Mode," and activation requires a full recharge before use. If you choose to pick up your bike at a THOK Point or Service Center, the specialized staff will assemble your bike free of charge.
Can I customize my bike during the order phase?
Our e-bikes are shipped as illustrated and described, and it is not possible to select alternative component configurations.
Can I install the tourer kit on all models?
No, the tourer kit can only be mounted on the MIG HT-R. The tourer kit is sold with all accessories, and it is not possible to request only some of them.

Can I buy the frame of one of your e-bikes?
According to European regulations, e-bikes can only be sold if complete with all components that obtained CE approval. Therefore, it is not possible to purchase only some parts of the e-bikes for sale or request the replacement of certain components.
What is included in the shipment of my e-bike?
Already assembled on your new e-bike, you will find:

Chain guard
Motor cover (only for SHIMANO E8000 motors)
-Pedals Other accessories such as a water bottle, bottle holder, spare hanger, pump, multitool, etc., are NOT included. These accessories can be purchased online in the ACCESSORIES section.
Payments and Shipments:
Can I modify my order after placing it?
It is not possible to modify the order independently once it has been placed. However, you can contact us via email to request any changes.
Can I pick up my bike in the showroom?
Certainly, just contact us at +39 0173314141 or +39 3482867154 and book your appointment at our Alba Showroom.
How can I monitor the status of my order?
Before the order is processed, you can monitor its status by logging in to the LOGIN area with your credentials. Once the order is shipped, you will receive an email from the courier (using the email address provided during registration) containing the tracking number.
Where can I have my online-purchased e-bike delivered?
Where can I have my online-purchased e-bike delivered?
Once you have ordered your e-bike online, you can decide whether to:

-Have it delivered directly to your home
-Have it delivered to a THOK Point or Service Center to take advantage of the free assembly and road preparation service
How can I pay for the e-bike?
How can I pay for the e-bike?
You can choose one of the following payment methods during the online order process:

-Bank transfer
-Credit card
-Bank transfer: Once an order is placed, the selected items will be reserved. We will promptly send a confirmation email with our bank details. When making the bank transfer, it's important to always include the order number in the payment reference. Once we have received the payment, we will prepare and ship the order.

-Credit card: Make sure that the credit card limit is compatible with the amount to be paid; otherwise, the order will not be successful. For all credit card payments, data is transmitted using the 3D Secure authentication procedure.

Has your payment been declined? Check the next FAQ item for more information.

PayPal: By selecting PayPal as the payment method, you will be automatically redirected to the PayPal website. Data is transmitted with encrypted SSL code. You can purchase all our products through PayPal without any maximum spending limit. Ensure that the PayPal account limit and balance are sufficient; otherwise, the order will not be successful.

The purchase invoice is sent the week following the shipment.
My credit card was declined. Why?
For one of the following reasons:

Your bank has not yet authorized 3D Secure 2 authentication.
The credit card security check did not pass on your order.
The payment exceeds the limits of your credit card.
In any case, please contact your bank for further assistance. Please note: If the payment is unsuccessful, the order is not confirmed, and the ordered goods are not reserved.
Come funziona il metodo di pagamento finanziamento?
Per i pagamenti con Finanziamento: Una volta selezionato il finanziamento, l’ordine verrà preso in gestione dal personale del Customer Service che ti costaterà per definire le modalità più adatte alle tue esigenze e ti saranno richiesti i dati necessari all'ottenimento del finanziamento. Non appena la pratica sarà approvata, sarai avvisato, quando la bici sarà pronta per la spedizione, la prepareremo e la spediremo l'ordine. Inizierai a pagare una volta ricevuta la bici.
What happens if no one is home when the bike is delivered?
If no one is present at the specified address when the order is delivered, the courier will make a second attempt the following day. If there is still no one available for pickup, the package will be held at the nearest hub. Note: Daily storage fees are the responsibility of the customer.
What are the average delivery times?
Usually, packages take about 3 working days to reach their destination in Europe, with exceptions for islands and "remote" areas, where it may take longer.
How much does the shipping of my order cost?
Shipping costs for accessories in Italy amount to 12.00€. For the shipping costs of e-bikes (with any accessories) in Europe, please refer to the SHIPPING TABLE (VAT included).
Who is responsible for handling taxes and customs duties when shipping to a non-EU country?
The amount of taxes and customs duties to be paid varies depending on the country and depends on the type and value of the goods. Different countries have different customs regulations. This means we cannot specify the amount of customs duties on a specific order.
The shipping carrier used for non-EU shipments is DHL, which will handle the entire customs clearance process. This way, you can directly pay the taxes to them.
What is the size of the box containing my new e-bike?
The boxes in which we ship our e-bikes have a maximum size of 163x27x90cm, with a total weight of 34kg
Whom do I contact in case of issues?
For issues with THOK E-Bikes branded components (frame, seatpost, etc.), it is necessary to contact a THOK Point or THOK Service Center. If none are available nearby or for issues possibly covered by warranty, you need to fill out the WARRANTY REQUEST FORM and send it to the email address provided, along with all required documents.
For issues or warranty requests for components from other brands (such as motor, battery, suspensions, etc.), contact any THOK Point, THOK Service Center, or Shimano Center. If none are available nearby, it is necessary to contact the supplier directly.
How often should I have my Thok serviced?
All components are subjected to stress due to the normal use of the e-bike; some are subject to wear, and periodic replacement may be necessary. Therefore, we recommend following the instructions in your Thok user manual and conducting regular checks based on usage frequency.
Watch a short video on the periodic checks to be performed on your e-bike.
The first service should be done after approximately 250 km.
Can I mount a child seat on my e-bike?
The installation and use of child seats are strongly discouraged. The e-bike with such accessories mounted immediately loses its warranty. We recommend instead using a child trailer with a through axle attachment.
How do I adjust the suspension on my e-bike?
For proper adjustment of the suspension, carefully read the supplier's instructions. Correct adjustment involves (SAG), sitting on your e-bike, compressing the suspension to 25% of the total travel.
How are the assistance levels set by default on my Thok?
Thok e-bikes come with the default setting in "Dynamic" mode, which means:

You can conveniently modify these parameters from your smartphone using the E-TUBE PROJECT application.
Which tires can I mount?
For dual-suspension models:
• 27.5X2.8
• 29X2.6
• 27.5x2.8
• 29x2.30
For hard-tail models:
• 27.5x2.8
• 29x2.6
Note: The tire tread pattern can affect its overall dimensions.
Can I transport my THOK on a bike rack?
Yes. We recommend using a bike rack approved for the specific transport of e-bikes, adhering to road regulations (we recommend bike racks with a tow hook).
It is advisable to remove the battery before transport to minimize the weight of the e-bike.
How much does my e-bike weigh?
The weight of each model is indicated on the technical specifications table on the product page.
How should I wash my bike?
The use of a pressure washer is not recommended, as the high pressure can damage electrical components, bearings, and other parts. Use a low-pressure stream and non-aggressive detergent to preserve plastic components and finishes. Turn off the battery before washing, leaving it mounted on the frame to avoid exposing electrical contacts directly to water. After washing, ensure all electrical contacts are thoroughly clean and dry before reactivating the system. Do not immerse the e-bike in water.
I see an error message on the display, what should I do?
First, ensure that the firmware is updated to the latest available version (procedure in the tutorials). Otherwise, you can contact us by filling out the form
How long is the warranty on my e-bike?
THOK e-bikes come with a 2-year legal warranty from the date of the purchase invoice. To avail yourself of the warranty, it is necessary to register your e-bike in the "REGISTER YOUR BIKE" section.
For additional information regarding the warranty terms for THOK, you can refer to the "LEGAL WARRANTY" section on this website.
What is the battery range?
The range depends on various factors such as the user's weight, the selected assistance level, the terrain being traversed, etc. With a 504Wh battery, the maximum range is approximately 100km in ECO mode; with a 630Wh battery, there is about a 20% increase in range.
How long does it take for the battery to charge?
A 630Wh battery takes approximately 5.5 hours to fully charge (from 0% to 100%).
Do I need to take any special precautions to use my THOK in winter?
Before use, keep the battery at a stable temperature between 10°C and 20°C for a few hours. During periods of inactivity, store the battery in a cool and dry place with a stable temperature between 10°C and 20°C, maintaining a residual charge of approximately 70%. For proper storage and usage guidelines, always refer to the battery's user manual.
I won't be using my e-bike for an extended period; what precautions should I take?
If you anticipate not using your bike for an extended period, store the battery in a cool and protected place at a stable temperature between 10°C and 20°C. Maintain the battery charge at around 70%. Do not expose it directly to sunlight or rain. If the charge is not kept at an optimal level, the battery may reach 0% after approximately 15 months and can no longer be recharged.
At what speed does the motor assist me?
The Shimano Steps system is designed to assist pedaling up to 25 km/h, as mandated by law. While it is possible to pedal at higher speeds, the motor will not provide assistance beyond this limit.
Can I modify the maximum speed of my e-bike?
In theory, it is possible, but we strongly advise against it as it would immediately void the warranty, even if factory values are restored. Additionally, depending on the country, it may also be against the law.
Is the new battery already charged?
No, the batteries are delivered in 'Deep Sleep Mode.' They need to be fully charged before use to activate them.
Can I charge the battery even if it's not completely depleted?
Yes, lithium-ion batteries can be charged from any state of charge without affecting their functionality.
How much does a replacement battery cost, and where can I buy one?
You can purchase a replacement battery directly online in the spare parts section of our website.
What is the lifespan of a battery?
Shimano batteries come with a 2-year warranty. A 20% loss of total cell capacity is expected after approximately 1000 charge cycles (1 charge cycle is defined as a charge from 0% to 100%).
What should I do if my battery is defective?
First, check if the battery is charged. If possible, test it on another e-bike with the same battery support to determine if the issue is indeed related to the battery. If you confirm that the battery is defective, contact a THOK Point, Service Center, or Shimano Center. If there are no service points nearby, fill out and submit the form to request a battery replacement.
If I have a Ducati e-bike, can I purchase THOKcare?
THOKcare is specific to THOK models only. For more information, please contact us on our website.
If I have replaced components on my THOK, can I activate THOKcare?
You can activate it only if the replaced components have not altered the geometric proportions of the THOK.
Is THOKcare cumulative?
No. For each e-bike (for each serial number), you can activate only one THOKcare at a time.
If I buy THOKcare and then switch to a different THOK model, can I transfer the warranty to the new bike?
No. THOKcare is tied to the bike's frame number, so it is valid only for the bike on which it was activated.
If I have more than one THOK, and I purchase multiple THOKcare plans, am I eligible for any discounts?
Let's discuss! Write to us at info@thokebikes.com.
Can I have different gadgets in the THOKer box?
No, the gadgets included in the THOKer box cannot be chosen.
Can I purchase only the THOKer box?
No, the THOKer box is an exclusive gift for those who purchase THOKcare.
Does THOKcare cover issues with the motor and battery?
THOKcare warranty covers the frame and all THOK-branded parts not subject to wear. Therefore, the motor, battery, or components from other suppliers are not included.
What should I do if I sell/buy a THOK covered by THOKcare?
The new owner should register their THOK in the dedicated area of the website to link their name to the frame number registered for THOKcare.
Is the saddle and seat post covered by THOKcare?
THOKcare covers any structural breakages. However, it does not cover parts subject to wear (hydraulic cartridge, mechanical guides, covering, etc.).
I can't activate THOKcare online.
Check that you have entered all the data correctly, including the serial number (in the format S8GT01234) and dates (in the format dd/mm/yyyy). If you still have problems making the purchase, contact us at info@thokebikes.com or visit one of our THOK Points.
How can I become a THOK Point, THOK Rental Center, or THOK Service Center?
To become a THOK Point, THOK Rental Center, or THOK Service Center, and to inquire about the required qualifications, please contact the company directly at the following email address: vendite@thokebikes.com. This way, you can receive all the necessary information and get a detailed guide on how to proceed.

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