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Who we are

The roots of our brand

The origins of our brand.
Since 2017, THOK E-Bikes has produced and distributed pedal assist bicycles designed and engineered in Italy, with a particular focus on performance.The story of the company is inextricably entwined with that of its founding partners and, without doubt, THOK can boast an excellent DNA.

Stefano Migliorini, a BMX world champion, a DH Pro and the first Italian athlete to be part of an official American team and to have rode the DH World Cup Circuit (third outright in 1993).At the end of his professional racing career, he started his professional training in the bike industry by taking on various roles and collaborating with leading companies in the business.One of the most knowledgeable and competent figures on the international MTB scene today is THOK’s CEO.

Livio Suppo, the mythical HONDA Team Principal, one of the team managers who has won the most titles, several times world champion with Stoner and the DUCATI team and with Marquez and the HONDA HRC team, an expert on the world of racing with a passion for speed, performance and innovation. When he developed an interest in e-bikes, he was the first to believe in THOK and to push Migliorini in the direction of pedal assist bikes.

Giuseppe Bernocco and Sebastiano Astegiano, founders and managers of the TCN Group (TCN, BIANCO, Galup, Madrile Melis), a flourishing industrial pole with an international vocation set in the heart of the Langhe.With the business acumen that defines them, they immediately grasped the potential of pedal assist and chose to differentiate their production to address this sector with confidence.

Stefano’s knowhow, Livio’s insight and Giuseppe and Sebastiano’s entrepreneurial vision constitute the foundation stones of THOK E-Bikes. Deeply rooted in the fertile soil of experience, competence, quality and an impassioned commitment.

Performance first

Performance first

Performance first. Innovation and technology first and foremost.

Performance has always been our focus in the creation of our e-bikes. Whenever we address a new project and once the end use of the bike has been defined (urban, trail or enduro), we concentrate our efforts on studying optimal technical and geometric solutions to satisfy specific requirements: pedalling fluidity, driving accuracy, responsiveness on entering and leaving a curve, uphill traction and saddle position. Our mission is to offer e-bikers high quality vehicles that are innovative, performing and easy-to-use, which may accompany them in the strive to exceed their limits, while offering fun and safety.




There are various ways in which people find motivation in their work. We are mainly driven by a passion for bikes.
Anyone wishing to be employed in Alba must be, above all, a cyclist.
We work with bikes, we have fun with bikes and most of us have had some experience in competitive events associated with bikes.

We are obsessed.

This passion is what drives us to put our heart and soul into our business and strive for perfection. It is the glue that holds together the entire staff, each one of whom is called on to collaborate actively, with their own sensations and experience, to produce and develop every product. First and foremost, THOK bikes are created to satisfy our own needs as bikers, they are the bikes we want to ride as cyclists.



Italianness. Deeply connected with our origins.

Italianness and Italian style strongly characterize our company. THOK is headquartered in Italy and all the minds working on our projects have been standard bearers for Italian excellence abroad: Stefano Migliorini, a former athlete of international fame, Livio Suppo, title-winning team manager of Moto GP Plus; Giuseppe Bernocco and Sebastiano Astegiano, skilled Piedmont businessmen; Aldo Drudi, winner of the Compasso d’Oro award and sports designer of international repute.

The competence, motivation and tenacity typical of our country run in our veins, as well as a passion for finely crafted products, for innovation, quality and the design, we are proud to say, is signed by Drudi Performance. Backed up by the strong roots of our origins, we are proud to export to international markets the Italian style, the passion and the creative flair of our country, but also the years experienced in the world of cycling.



A big family

We care a great deal about our customers, it is what makes us stand out from others. As well as making competence and supportiveness our way of working, we always try to associate a name, a face and a story to the sale of one of our bikes.

This generates special relationships and bonds that go beyond any gratitude we feel for those who have chosen our brand, or any professional ethics.
Ours is not only a virtual community, it is also based on tangible experiences (first and foremost the annual TRIBE rally between the company and bike owners, moments of friendly sharing between THOK and THOKers) because we are convinced that cycling, especially when done in the company of others, helps make the world a better place.



Omnichannel sales Your THOK, as you want and where you want. Whether you order from home or through a store, it is easy and convenient to purchase and receive your THOK bike, thanks to a flexible procedure that can be suited to your requirements.

You can buy it wherever you wish:

  • Independently online from our portal www.thokebikes.com
  • Online by requesting our support at +390173314141
  • From one of our THOK Points, where you will be assisted throughout the purchase procedure

You can buy it when you wish:

  • when purchasing online there are no closing times or holidays

You can pay for it as you wish:

  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • HP finance, activated remotely with the assistance of our operator

You can receive it wherever you wish:

  • Delivered to your home
  • At one of our THOK Points
  • At your local bike store, if there are no THOK Points in your area

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