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Thok news - THOK DREAM KIT


The Dream Kit is the new idea by THOK E-BIKES that revolutionises the e-bike industry world.

21 March, 2022

COREbike UK – THOK presenta il DREAM Kit

Made for those who aim at having an exclusive e-bike in a performance-first THOK style, it’s a frame kit to create the ultimate dream bike.

The Dream Kit includes the purchase of a THOK frame (either all-mountain MIG or enduro TK01, both with 7 different graphics to choose from) and premium components, the starting point to create a fully customisable, unique and top-quality pedal-assisted bike.

Dream kit 2
Dream kit 3

Apart from the frame, the Kit includes a SHIMANO EP8 drive unit (a motor weighing just 2.6 kg, with an output that can reach up to 85 Nm of torque with a maximum power assist ratio of 400%, adjustable via smartphone via the Shimano App), a complete SHIMANO EP8 system (630Wh battery, remote control, display) and cutting-edge Öhlins suspension:

  • Dream Kit MIG – RXF 36 M2 29” fork / 150 mm Air / TTX1 Air shock absorber
  • Dream Kit TK01- RXF 38 M2 29” fork / 180 mm Air / TTX2 Air shock absorber
Dream kit 4

It also features FSA cranks and chainring; headset on sealed bearings; THOK aluminium stem with dedicated CNC machining; CNC machined aluminum saddle clamp; chain guide; carbon finer engine cover; THOK saddle and handlebar grips.

Dream kit 5

Such an elite project had to include a Dream Box with THOKcare, various exclusive accessories and the “Libellum”, a type-approval certificate that certifies the uniqueness of your THOK E-Bike.

Dream kit 6

The Dream Kits are produced in limited edition, they can be purchased and assembled only at the THOK Dream Builders, selected dealers who not only assemble the bikes, but also provide the technical support needed to identify the best components to buy or whether they are compatible with those already owned.

The costs of assembling the frame and components at Dream Builders are totally covered by THOK, which always strives to offer outstanding Customer care.

THOK is the first pedal-assisted bike brand to offer such a comprehensive frame kit, as well as the chance to create your own Dream Bike: a unique bike, fully customisable in terms of graphics and components, with a constant focus on quality

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