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THOK Performance First Team

02 February, 2023

The “Performance First Team” (PFT) is the new THOK team with top athletes from various sporting disciplines: rallying, ski mountaineering, motorcycle racing and air racing disciplines. High motivation, deep commitment and a humble attitude are the key features of these passionate, performance-driven athletes. They all use THOK E-bikes for an alternative training to their sporting discipline.

This goes to show the versatility of e-bikes, perfect for high-level athletes’ training and for performance-driven sporting professionals seeking new solutions to stay in top shape.

We are proud to say that they have all chosen to use their image to promote THOK E-bikes. So here they are, one by one.

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Matteo Eydallin - Thok Performance First Team


  • 7 Gold Italian Championships
  • 1 Gold European Championship
  • 6 Gold World Championships
  • 10 Gold World Cups
  • Recordman: 5 Mezzalama Trophies + 5 Pierra Menta Trophies

Matteo Eydallin is a ski mountaineering racer; he is part of the Italian National Team and the Italian Army’s sport team. He has won everything: Italian, European and World Championships, as well as World Cups.

He is the only person in the world who has won 5 Mezzalama Trophies – a famous Ski mountaineering race with true high-altitude freeriding, both uphill and downhill, on a path that reaches over 4,000 meters of altitude – and 5 Pierra Menta Trophies – another legendary international event with over 600 athletes that participate in two-skier teams, who go through 4 checkpoints with over 10,000 meters of altitude difference, with steep slopes and uphill paths, breathtaking ridges, challenging cliffs and downhill sections.

Eydallin 3

At fourteen he discovered endurance sports: MTB, running and of course ski mountaineering. The latter has brought him not only to the top of the tallest mountains in the world, but also to the top of world rankings, representing Italy in his discipline.

Matteo is hands-on, humble, he doesn’t like to talk and avoids any form of self-praise: he is the ultimate anti-star. Straightforward, pure and tough like his beloved mountains, he smiles, slightly surprised, when people talk about his achievements and what he represents for Italy. After reaching one goal, he automatically focuses on his next race. He is tough on himself: when things don’t go as planned, he quietly takes the blow and, due to his modesty, doesn’t say much even when he reaches outstanding results.

Matteo uses his THOK E-bike to reach the snow-clad mountain slopes where he trains in winter and to stay in shape, maintain his endurance, breathing and heartbeat. He goes up and down those same mountains where, when covered in snow, he normally skis.

Eydallin 6

Designed for long distances, the MIG 630 is the most suitable bike for his sport: with a motor with the most appropriate power for his trained legs, a light bike and, thanks to its 630Wh battery, long-lasting support for long rides.

Eydallin 7

Matteo Eydallin’s MIG 630 settings:

  • Shimano Motor: low eco to limit consumption on long distances, medium trail for less strain on long uphill sections, maximum boost to overcome major altitude differences of just a few metres without wasting too much physical energy
  • Suspensions: 110 PSI Fork / 2 clicks from fully closed | 155 PSI Shocks / 7 clicks from fully closed
  • Tyre pressure: front 1.5 bar | rear 1.8 bar
  • It uses tubeless tyres and has Victoria Airliner inserts on the rear tyre
Eydallin 8

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