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THOK's extended warranty for ALL THOKers. 

(Aldeady included with TK01 R / MIG-R / MIG HT-R)

Raid after raid, bumpy descents after technical climbs, the safety of your THOK always come first. With “THOKcare” we give the possibility to ALL THOKers, new or old, to extend the warranty of their ebike beyond the standard 24 months. An extra opportunity for you and your THOK, which guarantees 2 additional years of warranty coverage against any breakages of the frame or THOK's components (read conditions).

You can buy your THOKcare online or by contacting one of our THOK Points.

(Except for UK market, already included in Tk01 R)


    If you are thinking of buying a new THOK, with THOKcare you have the possibility to double the duration of the guarantee: 24 months over the two years of the standard guarantee. By purchasing the THOKcare together with your bike (online or through a THOK Point), activation will be immediate, you will not pay shipping costs and you will receive the THOKer Box for free.


    If, on the other hand, you bought your THOK more than two years ago and it is out of warranty, if you want to increase the standard warranty of your THOK still valid, or you bought it second-hand, with THOKcare you have the possibility to reactivate the warranty for 24 months.

  • THOKcare activation for second hand bikes

    If you have a THOK bike and you want to activate THOKcare online you have to:

    - buy the TKOKcare recording, in addition to your data, the frame number of your THOK;

    - within 5 days from ordering, send 4 photos (right/left rear triangle - right/left frame) to

    Alternatively, you can buy your THOKcare at the nearest THOK Point that will take care of the activation.

  • Frame number

    THOKcare is a revolutionary guarantee: being linked to the frame number of your bike and not to the owner, in case of sale, it continues to be valid for the remaining months until expiry.

    The grame number (9 digits, e.g. S8GT01234) can be found:
    - on the invoice under the heading MATRICOLA;
    - in the information label applied on the bike box;
    - in the lower part of the body-engine housing.

  • THOKer Box

    It is a gift for anyone who purchases THOKcare, which includes:

    - Suspension pump

    - Multitool

    - Keychain with spare hanger-set

    - Dedicated water bottle

    - Bottle cage

    - Lasered aluminum cup

    - "Be a THOKer" stickers kit

  • Advantages of THOKcare

    - Extend the warranty of your new THOK or re-activate the warranty of your used THOK for 24 months (the only brand to have warranty on second-hand bikes!);

    - maintain the value of your investment: if your THOK is covered by THOKcare, regardless of its age, you can still resell it under guarantee, thus preserving its value and limiting its depreciation;

    - receive the THOKer Box: a gift from THOK with exclusive items created specifically for you;

    - you do not pay for shipping if you purchase it at the same time of a new THOK bike.

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