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THOK Performance First Team

06 July, 2023

The “Performance First Team” (PFT) is the new THOK team with top athletes from various sporting disciplines: rallying, ski mountaineering, motorcycle racing and air racing disciplines.

High motivation, deep commitment and a humble attitude are the key features of these passionate, performance-driven athletes. They all use THOK e-bikes for an alternative training to their sporting discipline. This goes to show the versatility of e-bikes, perfect for high-level athletes’ training and for performance-driven sporting professionals seeking new solutions to stay in top shape.

We are proud to say that they have all chosen to use their image to promote THOK E-bikes. So here they are, one by one.

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Danilo Petrucci - THOK Performance First Team


  • 2011 Superstock Italian Champion with Ducati
  • 2015 Podium in Silverstone – UK – Moto GP
  • 2019 First place at Mugello – ITA – Moto GP with Ducati
  • 2020 First place at Le Mans – FR – Moto GP with Ducati
  • 2022 First place at Dakar Rally fifth stage
  • 2022 Vice-Champion MotoAmerica

When it comes to passion for the world of two wheels, you cannot stop thinking about Danilo Carlo Petrucci: a trials rider, off-road enthusiast, and speedster. Petrux did everything on motorcycles, as well as on bicycles.

Born in Terni, his genuine determination, inclination towards spontaneity and sunny frankness, typical of Umbria region attitude (Central Italy), immediately stand out.

Petrucci 3

He starts pedaling at a year and a half, even before he starts to speak, and his strong passion for motorcycles is evident right from the start. At the age of three, he is already riding a mini-motorbikes, and at six, he participates in his first trial race.

When his father, Danilo (same name as Petrux!), registers him for the Minicross Lem Trophy in ’99, the only available number is 9. He wins the championship, even lapping the second-place rider during the first race. Since then, the number 9 has represented him on race tracks and in the world. From a young age, he rides prestigious brands such as Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Honda. Since his father Danilo is often away for work, his mother Neviana accompanies him to the races, along with his younger brother Francesco, who later becomes an athlete in the Italian DH national team, despite he dreamt of being a forest ranger as a child, to catch Danilo during his motorcycle rides in the woods.

Petrucci 4

The nickname “Petrux” arrives when he starts racing in speed with his first team, “Imperiale Moto” from Empoli: “Initially, they called me Petrus, but since it’s the name of a bitter liqueur, I changed it into!”.

Despite his powerful physique for a motorcycle rider (Danilo is 180 cm tall by 82 kg), he achieves success in various bike categories: Moto America, Superbike, and mainly in MotoGP primarily riding for Ducati and later for KTM and Suzuki.

Petrucci 5
Petrucci 6

In 2022, he participates in the Dakar Rally and immediately becomes a record-breaking man: he is the first rider to win both a MotoGP race and a stage of the historic rally.
“It was one of the strongest experiences of my life… I went through all kinds of things, I broke my ankle, then there was the Covid, my bike stopped working… but I also managed to win and, I didn’t expect it… I achieved the first record of my life and I’m really happy. Now I can retire peacefully.”

Petrucci 7
Petrucci 8

But Petrux already has many project for the future: plans for the future: Superbike, MotoGP, and probably even the Dakar again.

Despite primarily focusing on the world of motorcycles, Danilo never abandoned cycling. “My life has always been divided between off-road and the track. For training, I have used a road bike for years because I was afraid of getting injured in the woods. In reality, sensation you experience when using an MTB is very similar to riding a motocross bike, and e-bikes in particular allow you to refine your riding technique and are also a great way to train while having fun”.

Petrucci 9

Petrux’s THOK is a TK01 R. Having tried everything possible on two wheels, he needs a high-performance vehicle to support his intense, determined, and aggressive riding style.

The settings of Danilo Petrucci’s TK01 R:

  • Motor: Shimano EP8 customized with two assistance profiles, the “Long Ride” and the “Fast Ride”. For the Long Ride low ECO and TRAIL to limit consumption on long distance, medium BOOST. For the Fast Ride medium ECO and TRAIL to enable him to shoot uphill when he wants to have fun, high BOOST to overcome even the steepest and most technical sections with momentum.
  • Suspensions: 75 PSI Fork / 16 clicks from fully closed; 195 PSI rear shocks / 7 clicks from fully closed.
  • Tyre pressure: front 1.2 bar | rear 1.5 bar.
  • It uses tubeless tyres and has Victoria Air-Liner inserts on the rear tyre.
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