• How can I choose the right size bike?

    To evaluate the right size of the bike to buy you can consult the site under “HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR CORRECT SIZE

  • What are the Thok Bike Warranty conditions?

    THOK bikes have 2 years warranty from the date of issue of the purchase invoice.

    Shimano batteries are guaranteed for 2 years with an operation without performance decay up to 1000 charging cycles (for 1 charge cycle we mean a full charge from 0% to 100%).

    In order to use the warranty, you must register your bike in the "REGISTER YOUR MIG" section.

    For more information on the terms of guarantee of THOK, you can consult on this site the item "GENERAL TERM OF SALE"

  • Who am I supposed to contact if issues arise?

    In case of issues with Shimano components (such as motor, battery, handcuffs, etc ...) it is possible to contact any Shimano Center nearby.

    For the maintenance of your bike it is recommended to contact a THOK Point or a THOK Service Center. If there are no points nearby or you have any other problems related to the bike you can contact us by writing an e-mail to: tech@thokebikes.com.


  • What are the Thok Points, Rental Center and Service Center?

    THOK Points are show rooms where it is possible to see and test the MIGs with the assistance of specialized technical personnel. At the TP the customer can receive qualified answers to their questions and test the bicycles.

    THOK Rental Centers are bike rental centers located in specific locations where you can rent a MIG for an unforgettable day.

    THOK Service Centers are points where Thok customers can have their MIG delivered, receive the necessary assistance and have warranty works done.

    You can find the list of TP, TRC and TSC in the "FIND A THOK POINT" section.

  • How can I become a THOK Point, THOK Rental Center, THOK Service Center?

    To find out if you are eligible to become a THOK Point, THOK Rental Center or THOK Service Center, you can contact us at: sales@thokebikes.com

  • Where can I test the bikes?

    You can check out and test our bikes at your local Thok Point (TP). For an unforgettable experience riding our bikes on technical terrain you can visit our Thok Rental Centers (TRC): centers authorized to hire our ebikes. The list of points is available on our website, at the “FIND A THOK POINT" link.

  • Where can I have my new bike delivered to?

    For the delivery of you bike, once you have reserved it online, you can decide whether to:

    • have it delivered directly to your home
    • have it delivered to your local Thok Point
    • have it delivered to your preferred bicycles dealer, in the case that the closest Thok Point is located too far from you
  • How can I pay for the bike?

    Payment methods to purchase your E-MTB are:

    • Bank transfer
    • Credit card
    • Paypal
  • Set up of my new MIG after unboxing

    Bikes arrive fully assembled except for the handlebar whose stem has to be placed on the tube of the headset and stopped with its two screws.

    If you decide to have your MIG delivered to a TP, TRC or TSC, there the staff will arrange the assembly of your bike without any extra cost.

  • How can I setup the suspensions of my THOK?

    For a correct set up of the suspensions, please read carefully the instructions of each component and set the PSI numbers located in the fork's label. The compression of your suspension (SAG), when sitting on the bike with both legs on the pedals, must be about 25%.