• Why purchase a THOK bike?

    Our goal is to offer our customers high quality ebikes, designed and developed in Italy, at competitive prices.

    Our business model:

    - Direct contact with the supplier
    - Bikes in stock, ready to deliver
    - Easy to unbox and Assembly service offered all over EU
    - 14 days return policy
    - No model year


  • How do I find out which size bike I need?

    To evaluate the right size of the bike to be purchased, consult the table of sizes at the bottom of each product page.

  • How much assembly is required when my bike arrives?

    THOK E-Bikes arrive almost entirely assembled: for better protection during transport, some components such as the pedals and the handlebar are left disassembled.
    Some models will also arrive without the front wheel.

    After delivery, it will be sufficient to complete the assembly of the bike by following the instructions in the instruction manual. For step-by-step assistance, see the assembly time-lapse!

    Batteries are delivered in "Deep Sleep Mode". Fully charge them to activate.

    If you decide to pick up your bike at a THOK POINT or SERVICE CENTER, the qualified staff will assemble your bike for free.


    THOK POINTs are stores where you can see and test our ebikes, with an expert consultancy service on the choice that best suits your needs.

    You may purchase the bike online and have it delivered, completely free-assembled to a THOK POINT or SERVICE CENTER. You may also refer to them both for bike's meintenance and warranty issues: you'll receive the best service!
    You can rent our ebikes and live a unique experience from any of our RENTAL CENTER.

    All meintenance on your bike's SHIMANO components can be done by any SHIMANO CENTER.

  • Where can I test ride a Thok E-Bike?

    THOK E-Bikes can be viewed and tested in our THOK POINTs. For a complete riding experience contact a THOK RENTAL CENTER: authorized shops hiring our ebikes. Check out the list of points in the "DEALER LOCATOR".

    Come and visit us also during events and test days, where you'll be able to ride different models from our range. Find out where we will be soon, see the list of Events.

  • Can I customise my bike when I place the order?

    Our ebikes are shipped as illustrated and described on this website: it is not possible to select alternative component configurations.

  • Can I mount the tourer-kit to all Thok E-Bikes models?

    No, the tourer kit can only be mounted on the MIG-HT.

    The tourer kit incliudes all accessories (kick-stand, fenders, ...), it is not possible to request spare accessories from the kit.

  • Can I finance the purchase of a THOK bike?

    We do not provide any finance program on our ebikes (except for italian citizens).

  • Can I buy the frame only?

    According to European legislation, ebikes can only be sold if completely assembled, as EC type-approval has been obtained.
    For this reason it is not possible to buy only some parts of the bikes for sale, nor to request the replacement of some components.

  • What is included in the box together with my new ebike?

    Already mounted on your new ebike you will find:

    - Chain-stay protector
    - Engine cover (only for SHIMANO E8000 engines)
    - Battery cover (2 covers for MIG and MIG-R models)

    Other accessories such as water bottle, bottle holder, shock pump, multitool, etc. are NOT included. These accessories can be purchased online in the ACCESSORIES section.


  • Can I change my order after it has been processed?

    It is not possible to change the order yourself once it has been placed. However, it is possible to contact us by email asking for any changes.

  • Can I pick my bike up in the showroom?

    At the moment, due to the post-COVID situation, it is not possible to arrange appointments. We are monitoring developments though; in the coming weeks we will update this section with news and procedures to follow for showroom's pick-up.

  • How do I track the status of my order?

    Before the order is processed, it is possible to monitor its status by logging in to the LOGIN area with your credentials.

    Once the order is sent, you will receive an email from the courier (to the email address used during registration) containing the tracking number.

  • Where can I have my new bike delivered?

    Once you order your bike online, you can decide whether to:

    - have it delivered directly to your home address
    - have it delivered to a THOK POINT or SERVICE CENTER where it will be assembled and set up for free.

  • What are the payment methods accepted?

    You can select any of the following payment methods when placing your order online:

    - Bank transfer
    - Credit card
    - Paypal

    Bank transfer: as soon as an order is placed, the selected items will be booked. We will simultaneously send a confirmation email with our bank details. When making the transfer, it is important to always indicate the order number as reference. Once we have received your payment, we will prepare and ship the order.

    Our bank references:
    Account number: 000000050845
    IBAN: IT64Y0853022505000000050845

    Credit Card: make sure that the credit card limit is compatible with the amount to be paid, otherwise the order will not be successful.
    For all credit card payments, data is transmitted using the 3D Secure authentication procedure.
    Has your payment been declined? See the next FAQ on this list.

    PayPal: by selecting PayPal as the payment method you are automatically directed to the provider's website. Data is transmitted with SSL encrypted code. It is possible to purchase all the products we offer through PayPal, without any maximum spending limit.
    Make sure that the limit of the PayPal account and the credit are sufficient, otherwise the order will not be successful.

    Purchase invoice is sent the week after shipment.

  • Why was my credit card payment declined?

    There are 3 probable reasons:

    - Your bank has not yet authorised 3D Secure 2 authentication
    - On your order, the credit card security check failed
    - The payment exceeds your credit card limit

    In all cases, please contact your bank for further assistance.

    Please note: if the payment is refused, the order is not confirmed and the ordered goods are not booked.

  • What happens if no one is home when my bike is delivered?

    If no one is present at the address indicated when the order is delivered, the courier will make a second attempt the following day. If no one is there for the collection, the package goes to the nearest hub.

    NB. Daily storage costs are charged to the customer.

  • How long does delivery take?

    DHL courier normally takes about 3-4 days to deliver the goods.
    For non-EU countries consider 1-2 days more for douane reasons.

  • How much does it cost to ship my order?

    Shipping accessories/items to CEE countires costs 20€ (VAT included).
    To non-EU countires 25€.

    For shipping costs of an ebike read the  CHART (prices VAT included).

  • Who is responsible for handling taxes and customs duties when shipping to a non-EU country?

    When importing the goods into the destination country, it is your responsibility to have the goods pass customs clearance. The amount of taxes and customs duties to be paid varies from country to country and depending on the type and value of the goods. Different countries also have different customs regulations. This means we cannot say how high customs duties and local taxes will be on a specific order.

    Our shipping partner for non-EU deliveries is DHL. Normally DHL takes care of the entire customs clearance process for you. In this case, you can just pay any fees directly to them.

  • What is the dimension of the bike-box?

    Bike-box specifically developed for our ebikes measures 163x27x90cm maximum. Gross weight of the box is 34kg.


  • Who do I refer to for technical problems?

    For problems on THOK E-Bikes components (frame, saddle support, ...) it is necessary to contact a THOK POINT or THOK SERVICE CENTER. If there are no point nearby, or it might be a warranty problem, it is necessary to fill in the WARRANTY REQUEST FORM and send it to the email address indicated, accompanied by all the required documents.

    For problems or warranty requests for components of other brands (such as engine, battery, suspension, ...) contact any THOK POINT, THOK SERVICE CENTER, Shimano Center, or, if they are not nearby, directly refer to the supplier.

  • How often should I have my bike serviced?

    All components are subjected to stresses due to normal use of the ebike; some of them are stressed more than others and might require periodic replacement. We therefore recommend following the instructions in the User manual of your THOK and carrying out regular periodic checks.
    Watch a short video on the routine checks to be done on your ebike.

    The first service must be done after approximately 150km.

  • Can I fit a child seat on my bike?

    The installation and use of child seats is strongly discouraged. The bike with these accessories mounted on immediately loses the warranty.

    Alternatively, we recommend the use of a child trolley with fixing by means of a through pin.

  • How do I set-up suspensions on my bike?

    For a proper suspensions' set up, read carefully the instructions of the supplier.

    A correct calibration requires, sitting on your bike with both feet up, a suspension compression (SAG) equal to 25% of the total travel.

  • How are the assistance levels set when I get my new bike?

    THOK ebikes are set in "Dynamic" mode, which means:

    You can easily change the parameters from your smartphone, using the E-TUBE PROJECT application.

    Here are two tutorials for pairing E7000 and E8000 systems.

  • What tires' dimension can I mount on my THOK?

    For full-suspended models:


    For hard-tail models:


    Attention: the design of the tire can affect its size.

  • Can I transport my THOK on a bike rack?

    Yes. We recommend the use of a bicycle holder homologated for the transport of ebikes, respecting local rules (we recommend a tow ball mounted bike carrier).

    Remove the battery when travelling in order to reduce the weight and avoid dangerous situations.

  • How much does my E-Bike weigh?

    The weight of each model is indicated on the "spec" table of the product page.

  • How do I wash my ebike?

    The use of high-pressure washer is not recommended as the pressure can damage the electrical parts, the bearings and other components.
    Use a low-pressure jet and NON-aggressive cleaning products, in order to preserve the plastic components.

    Turn off the battery before washing, leave it mounted on the frame so as not to directly expose the electrical contacts to water. After washing make sure that all the electrical contacts are perfectly clean and dry before turning the system back on.

    Do not dip the ebike in water.

  • There's an error message on the display, what do I do?

    First of all check that the firmware is up to date to the latest update available (check out the procedure among the tutorials).

    See the explanation and troubleshooting for SHIMANO systems.

  • How long does my THOK's warranty last?

    THOK ebikes have a 2-year legal warranty from the date of issue of the purchase invoice.

    To take advantage of the guarantee, you need to REGISTER YOUR BIKE.

    For more information on THOK's warranty terms, you can consult  the LEGAL WARRANTY chapter in GENERAL TERMS page.


  • How far can I ride on a single charge?

    There are a lot of factores, such as speed, terrain, weight (rider + bike + luggage), that affect the total distance you can cover.

    With 504Wh battery the maximum range is about 100km in ECO mode; with 630Wh battery you have about 20% more range.

  • What is the battery charge time?

    A 504Wh battery takes about 4.5h to fully recharge (from 0% to 100%); a 630Wh battery takes about 1 hour longer.

  • What do I need to know when using my THOK in winter?

    Before riding, keep the battery at a stable temperature between 10° C and 20° C for a few hours.

    If you won't ride for a long time keep the battery in a cool and dry place and at a stable temperature between 10° C and 20° C and with a residual charge of + - 70%.

    For correct storage and use, always refer to the battery user manual.

  • I won't be using my ebike for a long time, what precautions should I take?

    If you are not going to use your bike for a long period of time, store the battery in a cool and dry place, at a stable temperature between 10° C and 20° C.
    Keep the battery charge around 70%. Do not expose it directly to sunlight or rain.
    If the charge is not maintained at the optimal level, after about 15 months the battery reaches 0% and can no longer be recharged.

  • Up to what speed does the engine assist me?

    The Shimano Steps system is designed to support pedaling up to 25km/h, as required by European law. Obviously it is possible to pedal at higher speed, but in this case there will be no help from the engine.

  • Can I change the maximum speed of my ebike?

    Theoretically it is possible, but we strongly discourage doing it because it would immediately invalidate the guarantee, even if the factory values were restored.
    Furthermore, depending on the country, you might be breaking the law.

  • Is the new battery already fully charged?

    No: batteries are delivered in "Deep Sleep Mode". Fully charge them before use.

  • Can I charge the battery even if it is not completely discharged?

    Yes: lithium-ion batteries can be recharged from any state of charge, without damaging their functioning.

  • How much does a spare battery cost and where can I buy it?

    You can purchase a Shimano Steps BT-E 8010 battery directly online or from any Shimano dealer.
    The cost is € 699.95 and the weight is 2.9 kg.

  • How long is a battery life?

    Shimano batteries are guaranteed for 2 years. A 20% loss of the total cell capacity is expected after approximately 1000 recharge cycles (1 recharge cycle means a charge from 0% to 100%).

  • What should I do if my battery is defective?

    First check that the battery is charged.
    If possible, try it on another ebike with the same battery support to understand if the problem is actually related to this component.

    If you find that the battery is defective, contact a THOK Point, Service Center or Shimano Center.

    If there are no service points nearby: fill in the form and send it to the indicated email address to request the replacement of the battery.


  • If I have a Ducati e-bike, can I buy the THOKcare?

    At Ducati they are working on a Ducati Care. In the coming months it will also be active for Ducati e-bikes.

  • If I have changed components to my THOK, can I activate the THOKcare?

    It is possible to activate the THOKcare only if the replaced components have not altered the geometric proportions of the THOK and:
    - fork travel is equal or lower than 170mm
    - maximum brake disc diameter is 200mm

  • Can THOKcare be combined?

    No. For each bike (for each frame number) it is possible to activate only one THOKcare at the time.

  • If I buy the THOKcare and then change THOK, can I transfer the warranty to the new bike?

    No. The THOKcare is linked to the bicycle's frame number, therefore it is valid only for the bike on which it was activated.

  • If I have more than one THOK and purchase more THOKCARE, am I entitled to any discount?

    Let's talk about it! Email us to info@thokebikes.com.

  • Can I have different gadgets in the THOKer box?

    No, the gadgets included in the THOKer box cannot be changed.

  • Can I purchase the THOker box only?

    No, the THOKer box is an exclusive gift for those who purchase the THOKcare.

  • Does THOKcare cover motor and battery problems?

    THOKcare covers under warranty the frame and all THOK branded parts not subject to wear. Therefore motor, battery or components from other suppliers are not covered under THOKcare warranty.

  • What shall I do if I sell/buy a THOK covered by THOKcare?

    The new owner will have to register his THOK in the appropriate area of the site in order to link his name to the frame number on which THOKcare is registered.

  • Are the saddle and seat post covered by THOKcare?

    THOKcare covers any breakages in the structure. However, it does not cover parts subject to wear (hydraulic cartridge, mechanical guides, coating ...).

  • I cannot activate THOKcare online

    Check that you have correctly entered all the data including the frame number (in the format S8GT01234) and the dates (in the format dd/mm/yyyy).

    If you still have problems making your purchase contact us at info@thokebikes.com or contact one of our THOK Points.


    To find out if you have the requirements to become a Thok Point, Rental Center or Service Center, you can contact us at: sales@thokebikes.com.

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